Blog Your Heart Away (BYHA) Blog Series Part 3: Essential Action Steps To Take Before And After Publishing A Blog Post

Welcome to Part 3 of 2-week-long blog series for newbie bloggers – “Blog Your Heart Away”

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Though you learned to structure the blog post, you don’t get enough readers. This happens for all beginner bloggers. Here are some helpful blogging tips for newbie bloggers. Your post will not get traffic just by simply publishing a blog post. Then, what is to be done to attract readers to your blog?

Today let me explain to you the things to do while publishing a blog post.

Blog Your Heart Away Blog Series Part 3:  Essential Action Steps To Take While Publishing A Blog Post

Essential Action Steps To Take Before Publishing A Blog Post

Brainstorm/Research About The Post

Before writing your blog post, plan your blog posts. List down the various titles probably you like to publish. Brainstorm or research your topic beforehand. Collect all info and details. Note down key points to be included. Try to answer these questions:

  • What the post is
  • Who the post is for 
  • Why the readers should read the post
  • How the post help my readers
  • When to post

Ask your readers

Don’t expect your readers to read everything you post. Instead, try to post what your readers want. Write blog posts as per your readers’ interests and pain points. Your post should solve your readers’ problems. This can be done easily by directly asking your readers through Insta Story, Facebook, and Twitter Polls. Based on the readers’ inputs, plan your posts accordingly.

Plan Your Posts

Planning your blog posts well in advance will save you time. There are different kinds of blog planners available in the market. Blog planners will help you to set your short and long term blog goals. A year’s worth of content can be easily planned using these smart blog planners. Check this affordable “Plan Smart, Blog Well” blog planner by my blogger friend Puspa.

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Have A Posting Strategy

Content Strategy is very crucial for any blog. Note down which posts are performing well. Which posts get the most engagement. Based on all the details, develop a working Content/Post Strategy. It should include:

  • Keywords for your post
  • Numbers of posts/week
  • Days of blog posting
  • Content ideas
  • Social media strategy

You can use either the free or paid versions of any Editorial Calendar Plugins for this purpose.

Proof Read

Proofreading your blog post is a very essential action step before publishing any post. Nobody will be interested to read blog posts with many spelling and grammatical errors. So proofread your posts using free software like Grammarly and correct any linguistic errors. There are many free online tools available for bloggers. You can use them to improve your readers exeperience on your blog.

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Link To Your Previous Posts

From the current post, refer and link to your previous posts. This is good for SEO and will keep your reader on your blog for a longer time. Make the related posts open in a new tab, so that the reader can return to your post anytime. Linking to your previous post is called Internal Linking or Inbound Linking. Linking to your oldest posts is called Deep Linking.

Link To Other Sources Of Info

Also, refer and link to any other articles relevant to your post. This may establish your strong knowledge and authority on the topic. Linking to external articles is called External Linking or Outbound Linking.

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Essential Action Steps To Take After Publishing A Blog Post

Social Shares

The first and foremost important action after publishing a blog post is sharing on your social media accounts. Also, you have to create different images for different social media accounts. By using scheduling tools like Buffer, you can auto-schedule your blog posts for sharing on different social media accounts. Share your posts on any best performing Facebook Groups.

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Pin To Pinterest

Pinterest is a great resource to drive traffic to your blog. So pin your pinnable images to your relevant Pinterest boards. Also, schedule some pins to relevant group boards using the Pinterest Official Scheduler Tailwind.

Respond To Comments

Read all the comments you received on the blog post. Reply to all comments. This is the best strategy to get audience engagement. It also increases the returning readers to your blog. Try to give a solution to your reader’s problems. Leave meaningful comments on the commenter’s blog posts.

Perform Link Audit

Check every link, both internal and external links present in your blog post. Correct any dead or wrong links. This step is repeated often to avoid broken links which are bad for SEO. Checking the links in your blog posts is called Link Audit.

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Repurpose Your Content

Repurpose your blog post creatively to extend the life of your blog post. Create a video, podcast, content upgrade, social media post from your blog post. You can also mail the post to your subscribers.

Reach Out To Blogger Friends

Sharing is caring. Ask your friends and relatives to share your post. This will increase the reachability of your post. You can ask your Facebook group members to engage in the post. Join my free blogging Facebook Group – Blog To Biz Mastermind By Vasantha. Ask readers in your mail list to share your posts on different social media platforms. 

Mail The Blogger, If Mentioned In Your Post

If you have mentioned any of blogger friends and their articles in your blog post, then feel free to mail them the post link. You can also request them to give a shout out. This will improve the reach of your post. Mail the blogger to link to your post, if relevant to their previous post. This is White Hat SEO Or Backlinking.


This post clearly explains the essential action steps to take before and after publishing a blog post.

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Essential Action Steps To Take While Publishing A Blog Post

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