Blog Your Heart Away (BYHA) Blog Series Part 10: How To Become A Better Blogger In 2021: With 13 Proven Blogging Tips

Welcome to Part 10 of 2-week-long blog series for newbie bloggers – “Blog Your Heart Away”

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Blogging is not hard. But you have to blog smartly. Amidst the huge crowd of bloggers, you have to prove your uniqueness, originality, and creativity smartly. For that, you can use your writing style, choice of blog topics, engagement with your readers, and using good quality photos or images for all your graphics.

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As a beginner blogger,  you may struggle to find good tips for better blogging. To help you grow your blog fast, I have listed the proven tips out of my 6 years of blogging experience.

Blog Your Heart Away Blog Series Part 10: How To Become A Better Blogger In 2021: With 13 Proven Blogging Tips

Be Unique And Consistent

To stand out in the crowd of the blogger community, you need to prove your uniqueness. Be original and consistent in your blogging. Set blogging goals and work creatively to achieve it. Being creative makes you and your blog reach heights.

Write Down Ideas & Topics

Have a Blogging Journal or Blogging Diary to note down your ideas and topics. Ideas may strike anytime, so keep a handy notebook to record them. Daily writing habits may improve your blogging skills.

Select And Write Only on Your Niche

The blog is not your personal diary. You need readers to read your blog. Writing on all topics will not solve your readers’ problems and also difficult to monetize. So select your niche and stick to it to grow your targeted audience. 

Listen To Your Audience

Don’t write on all topics under the sky. Do your research and write topics that your readers love to read. Your blog posts should solve the problems of your readers. Get opinions from your targeted audience using polls, forums, groups, and your mail list. Create your Blog Avataar or Reader Persona. It helps you to grow your blog fast.

Give More Value

There is a huge number of blogs on the internet nowadays. To make your blogging voice louder, you must give more value to your readers than the others. You have to listen to your readers’ pain points and you should provide a better solution. You should keep your readers hooked to your blog posts by providing more info, examples, and case studies. freebies or content upgrades are the best choices to offer more value to your audience.

Have Good SEO Practice

Don’t ignore the power of Search Engine Optimization(SEO). Learn and implement best SEO practices right from the start. It helps your blog to rank on Google search pages. Keep quality over quantity. Write long-form contents that provide readers with more knowledge and data. Write catchy headlines. Write Guest Posts to get organic backlinks.

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Build Your Community

Comment on other bloggers’ blogs. Really to every comment on your blog posts. Join the most active and helpful Facebook groups. Sign up for newsletters of popular bloggers. Collaborate with fellow bloggers with Guest Posts, Freebie Swap, Roundup Posts, Interviews, Giveaways, and Contests. Building your community is very crucial to have support and motivation during hard times.

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Grow Your Mail List From Day 1

Email marketing is not dead. Money Is In The List. So build and nurture your email list right from Day 1. You own only your list. You can get consistent organic traffic to your blog posts irrespective of any Google updates. Mailerlite is a good choice to start your email list today.

Be A Learner For Lifetime

Blogging is not a single task to concentrate on. Bloggers have to take different roles as graphic designers, copywriters, marketers, mentors, and researchers. So don’t hesitate to learn. Be a happy learner for a lifetime to learn new things on blogging.

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Take Risks Mindfully

Don’t be satisfied with yourself and your blog. Look for the opportunity to grow and scale your blog. Take risks mindfully. Don’t ever compare yourself with others. Talk with a blog or mindfulness coach to develop a personalized blogging strategy for you.

Harness The Power Of Social Media

Promote your blog posts on various social media platforms. Use automation tools and social media sharing plugins to promote your posts. Research on your analytics to know what works better and whatnot.


Follow Inspiring Bloggers

Follow your most loving and inspiring bloggers. Read their blog posts, comment, and promote them. Collaborate with them for Guest Posts, Roundup posts, Joint Ventures, and Interviews. Read our blogger interview series Chill Chat With Cool Bloggers for awesome blogging and social media tips.

Be Patient With High Passion

Rome is not built in a single day. So your blog too. Have a great passion and be patient. Never ever give up. Celebrate even your small wins. Develop a growth mindset. Be productive and confident to take your blog to the next level.

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How To Become A Better Blogger In 2021: With 13 Proven Blogging Tips
13 Proven Blogging Tips To Become A Better Blogger In 2021


Blogging is a journey. Have a focus on your destination but don’t forget to enjoy the happiness of the journey. Be YOUR own boss.

My Best Wishes To You To Become A Better Blogger in 2021!
Hope you found this blog series more helpful!

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