Most Loved Blogging Challenges: BlogARhythm’s BarAThon – Day 4 Of #BarAThon

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Hope you are enjoying this series about the secrets of three most loved blogging challenges. Today let me introduce BlogARhythm’s BarAThon Challenge.


BlogARhythm’s BarAThon  Challenge


BarAThon is a Blogging Challenge, started in the year 2016 by team members of BlogARhythm ( BAR ) website. BlogARhythm, fondly called as BAR is a blogging community that proclaims “We Are In Together! So far they have organized two editions and the third edition is currently ongoing. And this post is a part of BarAThon Edition 3!.


Mostly during June or July or August.

Who? What do you do?

You have to write a post based on the prompts provided by BAR on your blog every day of the #BarAThon Challenge.

Where To Share?

Link it into the linky on the post for that day on the BAR website.

Interesting Prompts From The Festival

  • Stranger than fiction 
  • Fragile lives 
  • Tiny shoes
  •  Promise (to yourself/someone else)
  • Theme Seven
  • The Fault in our Stares
  • Of Ice and Men
  • Lord of the Files
  • The Call of the Wind

Creative Festival Badges




What Hashtag To Use?

  • #BarAThon


Hope you find this information valuable. Have you ever participated in BlogARhythm’s BarAThon Challenge? Share your thoughts in the comments……. 


BarAThon Challenge


Submitting this post for 

#BarAThon Edition 3 hosted by Blog-A-Rhythm


BarAThon Blogging Challenges Badge



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37 thoughts on “Most Loved Blogging Challenges: BlogARhythm’s BarAThon – Day 4 Of #BarAThon”

  1. Like I said earlier, this is my first year for all the challenges except the A to Z, that I somehow couldn’t participate in this time.

    And I’m already loving the Bar-A-Thon. What’s great about these challenges is that I get to read some great writers & their informative, enlightening & insightful pieces.

  2. That is a helpful list for me to be a part of these challenges as yet I haven’t participated in any but wish to do so soon.

  3. ‘BAR’ advocates ‘we are in together’, BarAThon is a Blogging Challenge of website invites to link & share your blogging inputs. At BAR, take challenge and watch numbers of your readers, fans or critics growing.

  4. I have participated in all Bar-a-thons. This year it is every alternate day and I am loving it. This way you get time to read other posts and write at a easy pace.

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