A For Acceptance: A To Z On Mindfulness For Newbies #StayMindfulWithMSN

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Welcome to A To Z On Mindfulness For Newbies


The first letter to be explored in A To Z on Mindfulness For Newbies is A. A is for Acceptance.

Acceptance is the key instrument to practicing mindfulness in your daily life. It plays a very important role in living a peaceful life.It simply washes all our worries and pain. Life is simple and accepting it makes it beautiful.

Acceptance means perceiving your experience, feelings, pain, relationships, life and simply acknowledging it rather than judging it as good or bad.


Acceptance is the key to be truly free.


I was in regret and pain regarding my poor eyesight. And I got off that guilt only when I realized that nothing is in my hands, and only one thing I can do is to accept the reality.  Once I learned the power of acceptance, everything in my life changed. Acceptance made me realize “I’m Enough”. 


A To Z On Mindfulness For Newbies: A For Acceptance


3 Simple Ways To Practice Acceptance


  1. Sit in a comfortable posture. Take a deep breath. Picture your life. Mentally list down the things that are out of your control. Gently accept them without any judgment. Repeat this every day.
  2. Accept yourself – your emotions, your feelings, your pain, your weakness, your limitations as they. Just be aware of them and embrace them. Practice Self Acceptance.
  3. Identify the relationships that are difficult to handle. Practice loving kindness meditation for them.  Accept them and love them as they are.


A For Acceptance


Other words to explore 

Aware, Acknowledge, Appreciate, Attend, Attach, Abundant

Mindfulness Challenge For The Day

Practice this Complaint Free Day with your spouse, kids, and others for next 24 hours.


Accept, Acknowledge, Arise


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What acceptance means to you? How do you practice it in your life?

Do share with me…


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67 thoughts on “A For Acceptance: A To Z On Mindfulness For Newbies #StayMindfulWithMSN”

  1. Acceptance is key to living a wholesome life. But this one quality is what the world needs the most. A post such as yours stresses on the importance of this one human quality that is required in abundance.

  2. Acceptance is what my first post spoke about too. But, of course while my post talks about accepting other as they are, Your post bangs on a different aspect of the same coin- to accept yourself first. Only then can we accept other as they are. ACceptance is something we all need to give some thought. 🙂

  3. For me acceptance is accepting my past. There are things I deeply regret but I have to accept that I cannot change them, I can only ensure that I don’t end up in those same situations again. Only after I was able to accept this,I was able to change myself as a person and move on. I will be following this series on Mindfulness. All the best!

  4. Such a positive post, this one! Thank you for choosing this theme, Vasantha. I would really benefit from it. Happy A to Z 🙂
    A at Kohl Eyed Me
    A at Something’s Cooking

  5. Thank you, Vasantha, for this wonderful, motivating post! Acceptance is the key to happiness and peace, no doubt, but it’s as difficult as it can be! I know I need to work on accepting – not just myself but others as well, as they are. It’s what my mother keeps repeating always – accept life as it is, accept people as they are.

  6. Wow this is so beautiful. Acceptance is the beginning to so many good things.
    I am not there completely but there are certain things I’ve accepted about myself and it had helped me become a better person for sure 🙂

  7. Sayanti aka Shine

    Hi, Vasantha, enjoyed your explanation about Acceptance. Last year, I took the same word for the letter A. I also believe the acceptance makes our life easy whereas judgment only gives us tiredness.

  8. Good start to the series Vasantha. Acceptance truly is the basis for so much in life. Looking forward to reading the rest of your posts. #A2ZChallenge

  9. This is such a positive post Vasantha, I am glad to see we both have picked up same words to begin our #A2ZChallenge with – Acceptance, though in little different contexts. Looking ahead to read more on mindfulness from you 🙂

  10. I have to admit that I am terrible at acceptance. It is part of my nature to rebel against things, so I often react quickly. I always find myself wondering how people can simple “let it go.” What is the trick? Do you just have to not think about it at all? I will give acceptance a try today and see how it goes. Looking forward to reading more of your posts during the Challenge. Happy A to Z’ing!

  11. Acceptance is indeed key to being happy. Once you accept yourself an dthe circumstances, you can think rationally and can overcome difficulties and life challenges easily. Mindfulness should be practiced. Thanks for this guide to mindfulness.

  12. I’m happy to say that I have learnt acceptance in life. Learning to accept life and its struggles, learning to accept that we cannot get along with everyone and its ok and learning to acknowledge and appreciate that whatever we have is more than what most people don’t have.

  13. Well said. Acceptance is the key to happiness and peace of mind. The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you and that’s wonderful for your well being!

  14. Acceptance is one of the key things in life. Without it, nothing can move forward.

    You have explained this beautifully, Vasantha.

    Looking forward to the rest of your posts.

  15. I so agree. in my darkest times ive found that acceptance helps me immensely. Mere acknowledgment is enough sometimes to alleviate pain.

  16. This is such a great theme dear, and you had written this post so wonderfully, agreed we sometimes had no option except accept the things how they are. best luck for challenge and need your best wishes too, as it is my first. hoping now, you are in better health.

  17. i just stopping by from the challenge and I really like your theme. I’m eager to learn more about mindfulness so I’ll be back throughout the challenge. I can see that acceptance plays a major role in living a simple, happy life, free of judgment. We have to know when it is appropriate to accept something as it is and when to use our strength to fight for something more because we deserve more. The key is having the knowledge, wisdom and foresight to know when to accept and when to push for more, in my opinion. Thanks for sharing . I’ll be back to learn more.

    Melissa @
    Sugar Crime Scene


    Acceptance is the key to be really beautiful and deep. Wonderful post to calm someone down.

  19. G Angela David

    Rightly and eloquently stated, acceptance is so important and solves so many unnecessary worries and tensions. Love the way you have made this post with practical tips, hope to connect with you for this months challenge, thanks for sharing:)

  20. Acceptance is one of the hardest things to do. We don’t want to accept our follies and our weaknesses. But what we don’t realise is that Acceptance is the path to mental peace. Thank you for this lovely post!

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