#BarAThon Winner Badge

7 Things I Enjoyed Doing #BarAthon

Happy that I could manage well and win the #BarAthon badge. Hope you all enjoyed reading 7 Everyday Practices For Mindful Moms posts. Actually this is my second winning on #BarAthon. You can read all my posts for first #BarAThon here. And I feel proud to brag my winning at this moment ….


#BarAThon Winner Badge


7 Things I Enjoyed Doing #BarAthon

There are many things I enjoyed doing #BarAThon. But I choose to list only seven to stick to the theme SEVEN for this also. So here comes the list of my little enjoyments ……

Motivating BAR

BAR is always an encouraging and motivating force for my writing. I really appreciate their efforts for innovative and creative ideas. The prompts selected for this challenge were quite interesting. I enjoyed all the prompts and would love to appreciate the hassle free linkies for our posts. More power to all BAR admins and its members.

Being More Mindful

As you know my choice of Word Of the Year 2017, I enjoyed writing these posts for mindful moms. It had helped me to be more mindful than ever. I really enjoyed writing Mindful With Love and Mindful With Kids posts much. 

Encouraging Feedback

Feedback and comments are the boost for any bloggers. And I’m not an exception for this. I enjoyed reading many encouraging feedback for all my seven posts. And I have listed some random comments I enjoyed …..


” What a great topic for the challenge! I look forward to reading your posts. Mindfulness is something moms and everyone in general should pay more attention to. I know I am bad at it and tend to daydream or fret or regret instead of paying attention to the now which is all we have. ”  – Cathy Graham


” I am working on mindfulness and the state of being Aware, quite recently. It has helped me a lot. Glad you pointed at the myths and I dunno where it came from. It’s quite funny when people point at something that doesn’t need to be that. Enjoyed reading on how your day looks like.” – Vishal Bheeroo


” That is a beautiful post of a great theme. I wish so many more would do the Mindful Me Moments – the benefits are amazing. I am a fellow survivor too Vasantha:-) Not all are. Lots of love to you and thanks for sharing so inspirational words:-) ” – Eli


” I loved how you are bonding with your son and coming up with these great ideas to keep him engaged and active. I used to have long chats with my parents too while growing up. And I still fondly remember those times. ” – Rajlakshmi


Thanks to all who have spent their time on reading my posts and showing their blog love with their comments.

Supporting Team

We six blogger friends – Dipika, Kavitha, Manisha, Shalu, Zainab and myself  joined together as a team. We enjoyed in pushing each other and showing great care at times during the challenge. Really feeling blessed to say that this friendship has grown into my extended family now. Thanks all for being so sweet.

New Things and New Blogs 

I enjoyed exploring Canva and did my blog title images and posters using this. I also enjoyed in making first downloadable mindful planner which was actually a big hit. Actually Canva has so many free features that are more helpful for the aspiring bloggers. Still learning to use it to my fullest benefits. This challenge introduced me to many new blogs and many great bloggers. My favorites in this challenge are

Seven Motherhood Emotions 


Loved Posts

Many bloggers amazed me by their awe posts. I learnt a lot from their thoughts and writings. Hope they too enjoyed reading my posts. Some posts I enjoyed as a reader and a writer ……

Seven Memorable Skywatch Shots 

7 Reasons to Travel Solo



Increased Alexa

For any bloggers, little rewards and ratings would be a catalyst for their writing. I really feel excited on seeing my Alexa Rating And IndiRank Status got much increased thanks to BarAThon challenge. Enjoyed researching about SEO, back links and many blog tips & tricks.