A Tale Of Triumph – Celebrating The Womanhood

I’m really inspired by the heart warming and thought-provoking posts of my friend Parul,  in this vast blogosphere. She blogs at Happiness And Food. She has a monthly feature –  #WomenAtWork – in honour and respect of many working women. I feel very proud to join with her by this post.

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Meet Srimathy. Pitchammal Ramalingam – Bombay Stores, Thenkasi & Shengottah

This post was somehow got delayed. It was in my mind for many days and for no particular reasons, it got delayed. And I feel this is the right time to express our sincere gratitude and abundance love to Mr. Ramalingam & Mrs. Pitchammal Ramalingam. 

Delighted to introduce such an able minded yet noble hearted personalities with my readers. Actually I dedicate this post to our beloved Bombay Stores Ramalingam Annan who left us unexpectedly two weeks back. He was such a great personality who had helped many people in his lifetime. He had supported every family and we are grateful to him for what we are today.

He was not well for past 4 months and was taken at most care by his wife and family. In spite of all their prayers and hope, he left us suddenly. Mrs. Pitchammal told that she don’t feel he had left us and further she added, he’s living in her heart forever. Back home after all functions and rituals, I was realizing the power and warmth of unconditional love of our Pitcha Mathini. She accepts the reality of life and is able to bounce back to normal quickly. I always admire her boldness and guts. May his soul give her more power, strength and guidance.

Affectionately called as Pitcha, is the pillar of our family. Hailing from a big family, she has built castles in the hearts of many. Always she wears a bright, loving smile. She never failed to radiate positivity wherever she is. She’s the motivator and a mentor for everyone in our family. She is so dedicated towards taking care of the home and in particular the well-being of the family. This enabled our Ramalingam Annan to remain fully focused on developing the business, Bombay Stores, 85 years old textile shop at Thenkasi and Shengottah. 

She’s more than a MBA Graduate in managing and balancing the challenges of life. She’s a mother of two talented adults. Like a cup of warm lemon tea on rainy days that refreshes our body and mind, her thoughts refreshes and soothes our heart and soul. She’s like a bright star guiding the wandering wooden log. She’s an acclaimed resource of diverse knowledge. She’s really a living role model for us. She’s more than a mother in bringing up my hubby and guided him in getting his first job at Sterlite Industries, Tuticorin. She was one of the instrumental persons in getting us married.

She’s there to make us laugh …..
She’s there to make us grow …..
She’s there to make us achieve ……
And above all she’s there to make our life worth living ……
We are proud to say that she’s an inspiration and strength for us always ……

We all love you so much

Everytime when we feel low or unable to make decisions, she is our instant salvation mantra. It’s difficult to define what she is to us.

When we need advice, she’s our teacher ….. When we are upset, she’s our best friend ….. When we are confused, she’s our mentor ….. When we are depressed, she’s our cheer leader …..

Thank you God and Thank you Pitcha Mathini for being with us on all walks of our life. Inspiring many people is not an easy task for her, but she did it since she believed she could. You are giving us such powerful, loving and inspiring realisation of life through your words, action and being with us.

P. S : Feeling happy and proud to have Pitchammal Ramalingam in our family. And she’s the second elder sister of my hubby Vivek.

“Family, like branches in a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.” – Unknown                                     Image Credit : Pixabay

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Happy Women’s Day to everyone !!!

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