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I don’t need to mention how these phrases – #MyFreindAlexa, Alexa Ranking, Taking my blog to next level, Blogchatter, #DailyChatter went viral around the blogosphere last month. I was also curious to take my blog to next level. I thought  we have to tag our posts with that tagline. But it was not like that. We have to sign in for taking our blog to next level. So I was waiting to get more details about this.

Then Kala Ravi Sarathy extended her help by providing the complete details of a blogging community that –

B – Boosts bloggers with tips, ideas and prompts

L – Larger community of wonderful bloggers

O – Open our mind for constructive feedbacks

G – Greater reach to our readers

C – Chats and communications that inspire

H – Help the bloggers in many ways

A – Appreciating the spirit of writing

T – Taking our blogs to next level

T – Tribe for writers

E – Encouraging and energizing

R – Rejoice by sharing and RT

And Blogchatter it is. Grateful to you, Kala for this.

I signed for Blogbuddy 3.0 and waiting for the mail. Hola, It arrived on time. And now we are here, the #BlogBusters – Shalini, SubhaStephen, AditiPrateek & Sneha. We are …… Blog, Blog, BlogBusters !!!


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I thank Blogchatter for getting me bundled with these lovely bloggers for Blogbuddy 3.0 program. Awaiting more fun and entertainment …. <3 <3 <3


What is Blogbuddy?
Blogbuddy is Blogchatter’s parallel track where we intend to embark upon the exercise of community building through formation of small tribes. Seven to eight bloggers huddle together under one group and take on the challenge of blogging as a team. The important facet of blogbuddy is friendship. We intend to always stress on it time and again. Blogging is only an offshoot of this friendship or rather the thing that should be connecting every body.
I am a #Blogbuddy with Blogchatter.

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