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I am delighted to meet many lovely hearts through “This Mom’s Life” series. Happy to introduce today, an outstanding blogger amd woman behind MaaOfAllBlogs, Prerna Sinha. She is a fashion designer by profession, an economics graduate, have worked in the garment industry for almost a decade. She in her own words,

I’m a full-time mom! Yes, that’s how I like to describe myself. Yes, motherhood is a full-time job and unlike a working woman, the only break I get is when I fall off on my bed. I have two beautiful boys that are more trouble than you can imagine and when I am not running after them, you will find me blogging. A passion, which only comes second after my kids.

Her blog is all about Maa’s experiences as a mom(ten years of experience here) and as a woman(lifetime experience). She  blogs on the confluence of motherhood and various passions which she pursues be it, travel, fashion, beauty, fitness or even shopping. She believes while being a mom is rewarding, being an individual is important for her sanity. ‘Maa’ tries to juggle her parallel lives and blog about it too.


Her writing is more beautiful with illuminating words. Her posts include almost every topic under the sky as Motherhood, Fitness, Travel and Lifestyle. She’s a mother of two naughty boys of age 10 and 5 respectively.
She loves to travel, and explore, dance and celebrate life. To add to her crown of achievements, she is awarded with Top 20 mommy blogs in India. Top 50 digital Power influencers in India.

I express my sincere gratitude to Prerna for whole heartedly accepting my invitation. Here she shares her journey of motherhood with our readers.

1.       What three words describe you as a mother?

Patient, unconventional and loving.

2.       What’s the parenting rule you never break?

I am a very chilled out mom and while we have rules, I am not very stringent. One thing that is an absolute no-no is starting your day eating junk or watching TV. I think how you start your day sets the tone for the rest of the day. 

3.       And one rule you do break?

Guilty of letting them watch TV with their food most of the times.

4.       How do you spend time off for yourself?

I take some me-time everyday, it’s absolutely essential for me to function but mostly it is an overlap with my exercise etc. But when I travel without my family, that’s when it is truly time-off and I feel like a girl again :).

5.       What’s the best part of your day?

Just before my kids fall asleep, we talk about inane subjects. We hug and kiss and that is my favourite time with them. 

6.       What’s your favourite guilty pleasure?

Eating spicy food. I know it’s not great for health and can cause acidity but I just can’t resist it.

7.       What five things can always be found in your refrigerator?

You will always find tamarind chutney, onion-tomato masala and kneaded dough in my fridge.

8.       What words describe you as a wife and a mom?

If I had to describe myself as a mom and a wife then it would be a super cool mom and a nagging wife 😉

9.       Do you have a family ritual that you love?

I have to see them off to school and put them to sleep. I just believe that when they start and end the note on love and reassurance they will be happy humans.

10.   What are 3 best things you love to teach your child?

Humility, being kind and tolerance. I just see little kids around missing it so much and wonder how we grew up with such great values. These values are the most important for them to grow up to be good human beings.

Thanks again Prerna for your loving, honest and transparent answers. Really enjoyed reading your mommy story. Hope our readers would also feel the same  … <3 <3 <3
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