Stop Falling Start Raising – #InfertilityNotATaboo

Scene 1

I dreamt to have such a grand and beautiful wedding. The bride was looking gorgeous in her wedding costume. The relatives, friends and guests were enjoying music, food, fun and laughter. It was like heaven on earth. Both he and she were in a jubilant mood. Everything went well and they were happily married. But not forever.

Scene 2

She slowly started understanding the tension brewing in her family life. Everyone in the family were asking about her pregnancy. Their horoscopes were researched by known astrologers of the city. Advice and suggestions were pouring at free of cost. Doctor appointments were made almost everyday. They were ordered to be happy only after getting a child. She was going through all these turmoil for the past few years. She broke into pieces only when a second marriage was suggested for him. He broke into pieces when she attempted suicide and was hospitalized.

Scene 3

She turned to the gate from her drawing hall, when she heard big voices as “Auuunttieee …… “. Some sweet little angels and cute naughty princes from the apartment were begging at her, “Tomorrow we are going to celebrate Gowri Pooja and you have to make Prashadam ( Offering of food to Devi ), Aunty”. She hugged everyone and readily accepted. She is always busy spending her time with apartment kids by telling them stories, Singing with them, teaching them Hindi and drawing. She has found herself after a decade of pain. Also now she has a son – Lord Krishna – as adopted son of her.

Scene Behind The Screen

The woman in all these three scenes is my Sister S. She has been married for 25 years and now she is at her 50s. She and my BIL has survived all sorts of stones thrown at them by relatives, friends, neighbors, society and almost all. After 15 years of struggling, they found themselves and started living for themselves for the last 10 years. We are really happy and proud to see them spreading positive vibes. They are excited to share their comeback with our readers as :

10 Lessons Learnt from their #InfertilityNotATaboo

  1. God has his own reasons for everything. And we humans could not understand that.
  2. People will speak of others whether good or bad. No need to give ears to them.
  3. Love is the only solution for all problems. Love heals all those who trust.
  4. Happiness of a living person is more important than any new person  yet to be born. Happiness is within us and not with others.
  5. There are so many children without parents and so many elder people without kids. And they also need the same of love and affection as others.
  6. Horoscopes will not do any magic. They may help for the livelihood of astrologers.
  7. “If you want to happy, be”. Find happiness in every little things.
  8. “The entire universe is within you”. Let it go and celebrate the present moment.
  9. Take time to enjoy ME time. Refresh your hobbies, visit friends, arrange parties and so on.
  10. Don’t regret your life. The CREATOR will not fail for any reason.

P. S : S is my sister and I’m really proud and happy to showcase some her talents here :


Colorful Bird


Beautiful Scenery

Art From Waste

Mobile Rangoli
Decorated Dhiya

Images are copyrighted to My Sweet Nothings.

Thanks to Write Tribe for extending another opportunity to blog about a taboo subject and break the silence around it. This post is to talk about #InfertilityNotATaboo #SpreadAwareness #BringChange #EmpowerWomen #Inspire by joining hands with Corinne of Write Tribe and Gitanjali Banerjee of InfertilityDost, India’s first website that facilitates couples to brave infertility with support and knowledge. You are also invited to Talk About Infertility.


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