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Blessed to meet many loving hearts through this virtual space. One such beautiful soul is Upasna. I met her in a social media through her parenting stories at Parentous. Feeling very excited and proud to have her for “This Mom’s Life”. Thanks Upasna for kindly accepting my invitation. She’s a passionate blogger, inspiring to the core and make the readers motivated and geared up. She writes about Life, Parenting, Love, Relationship and DIY. I never miss her posts.
Upasna is a working mother who strive to spend as much time as she could with her two-year old toddler. A music lover who loves to share her experiences and beliefs which boosted her to start a blog. She is living her dream to settle down in the same city in which she was born and loves to greet people with handmade Greeting Cards. Upasna blogs at Life Through my Bioscope. Her hobbies and interests are Crafting and Writing, Dancing to the beats to offload the stress. She says proudly that ” When I qualified the interviews for a Central govt and MNC job Receiving a word of appreciation from others on my Parenting, is itself an achievement”. When speaking about her goals, she says on her professional goal that ” There are lot many plans brewing in my mind and I am waiting for the perfect time to hit the chord” and about her Parenting goals “To get my Toddler admitted into a good Pre-school”. Wish you all the best to meet your goals, Upasna.
  1. What three words describe you as a mother?

Obsessive, Caring and Healthatarian

 2. What’s the parenting rule you never break?

Limited screen time

3. And one rule you do break?

I scold him for his tantrums when I am Sick or tired

       4. How do you spend time off for yourself?

Writing my journal and  doing some Craft

       5. What’s the best part of your day?

When I come back Home after Office to see my Little Toddler smiling and running towards me in joy.

       6. What’s your favourite guilty pleasure?

Going to Office, leaving my Son at day care makes me feel guilty sometimes but I love it as it gives me my much-needed space.

       7. What five things can always be found in your refrigerator?

Cheese, Milk, Dates/Apricots, Corn, Tomatoes.

       8. What words describe you as a wife and a mom?

Concerned, Clinging and Loving are the words which can describe me as a Wife and a Mom too

       9. Do you have a family ritual that you love?

Yes, a habit of sitting together after Dinner and sharing the day. I would love to pass this to my Son too.

       10. What are 3 best things you love to teach your child?

Compassion, Courage and Good Decision-making

Thanks again Upasna for your great lifetime sharing with us … 🙂


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