Not Just A Wishful Thinking #BarAThon Challenge Day #6

After a very long waiting, we had a chance to discuss many family matters over a cup of hot coffee during his vacation last month. We shared, recollected, cherished and planned about many things in our life. We are extremely happy that we have created every second of our life as we desired.

We two started our family life, not like others with some lovely dreams. We started our family with personal loans, instalments and family debts. So we dreamt not about our honeymoon, not about surprise gifts, not about romantic date nights but we too had our own style of dreams. Once we got engaged, we discussed many things and we listed some priorities for the first five years of our marriage. We made our 5 Year Marriage Vision as :

  1. In spite of all our personal difficulties, we should support our both families.
  2. We should pay all our EMI within the deadline to avoid penalties.
  3. We should complete our post graduation.
  4. We should work hard to make our child’s dream come true.
  5. Within 5 years, we should own our house and a car.

With loans and debts, our dreams happened to be a Wishful Thinking.But our passion and love kept the flame burning. Now we are so happy and proud that our dreams were not just a wishful thinking but a reality.  I love this quote very much and am sharing with you to make your dreams also come true.

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What do you think about Wishful Thinking ??? Have your dreams come true ??? Share your interesting stories with us …. 🙂 🙂 🙂

P.S : We bought our first  ( second-hand ) car during our second year, our house in fourth year, completed my ME in fifth year, Vivek completed his MBA in fourth year and cleared all our loans taken for marriage within five years. We dreamt not just a wishful thinking.

Submitting this post for #BarAThon hosted by Blog-A-Rhythm. Today, Day #6 prompt is Wishful Thinking.  I’m a part of team Blue Lagoon. Enjoy the other posts or happily participate here.


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