It’s Time To Move On #BarAThon Challenge Day #3

Still I could feel that ache in my heart. Still it pains a lot. For me, it’s more painful to lose a relation out of ego than losing by death. Everything happened just like a flash. Yeah, I mean this. Everything including life went in a flash.

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My brother told about his affair with a girl about some 7 years back. With so many discussions at various levels in our family, his marriage happened. But the marriage itself was just like a thrilling kidnap movie scene. In spite of all these dramas and dreams, I strongly believed that their marriage will be a kind of happily ever after for 5 main reasons :

  1. I thought as it was a love marriage after a big struggle, it would be long-lasting. But I’m not aware at that time this love was built out of money, status and ego.
  2. I thought as they were going to live in US, nobody to get into their life, It would be romantic and long-lasting. But they made all fights, all arguments and all decisions themselves. Just passed an information at the end.
  3. I thought they were highly educated, it would be matured relationship and long lasting. But it only helped in fueling their ego and heated arguments. They used modern technologies to break the love and not to make the love.
  4. I thought they both were working, it would be more satisfying and long-lasting. But this made the power struggle, domination and control over the other.
  5. I thought as they learnt and learning from their family, it would be more beautiful and long-lasting. But marriage is not between two hearts, it is between two families. That I unsterstood very lately.

So they decided that it’s time to move on ….. after 6 years of No-Love marriage …. during last November ….. Still I feel the pain ……

As I said, everything went in a flash. Love, Lust, Marriage, Child, Relationship and everything went in a flash. My mind still lingers around the questions as where is love, value, adjustments, support and encouragement between young couples today. I’m deeply worried about their fragile lives in this modern era. Who’s going to teach them the vales of our family system???

Do you have any pains with you ??? Share it with us and just move on ….


P.S : As a sister and a mother, I miss my neice  ( Brother’s daughter ) still ….. My family is not able to get out of this pain still …..

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Submitting this post for #BarAThon hosted by Blog-A-Rhythm. Today, Day #3 prompt is Fragile Lives. I’m a part of team Blue Lagoon. Enjoy the other posts or happily participate here.



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