What You Don’t Know My Love #BarAThon Challenge Day #2


My Love, you are with me for the past 14 years. But there is something you don’t know about me and my love. Here to say you …..

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What You Don’t Know, My Love

I feel emptiness at the moment you leave me

I stopped eating all your favorites without you

I cannot sleep so safely without your arms around me

I keep your last worn shirt with me to smell you

I feel loneliness amidst a big crowd if you were not there

I love to start and end my days looking into your eyes

I love being with you in silence for eternity

I cook with more joy and love only for you

I cherish all the little things that reminds you

I cannot control myself to listen to your song endlessly

I feel lost while traveling without you

I love you more than I love myself

I am not me without you

P.S : Dedicated to my love. Written on July 31st when he left to South Africa after his vacation.

Do you have anything to share that we don’t know ???

Submitting this post for #BarAThon hosted by Blog-A-Rhythm. Today, Day #2 prompt is What you don’t know. I’m a part of team Blue Lagoon. Enjoy the other posts or happily participate here.



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