99 Things I Love ….. #FridayReflections

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As I love lists very much, excited to do this post. I always make lists for anything and everything. To do list to grocery list, books to read list to places visited list, reasons to love my hubby list to silly reasons to fight with him, reasons to have my son as gift to cute ways to say I lave you  ……. Lists …. Lists …. Lists …… My life is full of lists …. Lists done ….. Lists doing …… Lists to be done ….. So this prompt from Friday Reflections hosted by Sanch of Living My Imperfect Life and Corinne of Write Tribe inspired me to write  this list of 99 Things I Love doing …. 😛

99 Things I Love

  1. My hubby for his patience and love.
  2. My son for his naughtiness and affection.
  3. My family for all the support.
  4. God for being me my mentor and light always.
  5. Books for taking me into different world.
  6. Friends for the fun and laughter we shared.
  7. My Spiritual Guru for directing me in the right path.
  8. My country India for many reasons.
  9. My home sweet home for the peace and happiness.
  10. Yoga and Meditation for being myself.
  11. Writing to give myself strength.
  12. All my students who made my years meaningful.
  13. Blogging which helps me to pour my heart.
  14. The beautiful world for its enchanting beauty.
  15. The doctors who had given me life, eyes and my son.
  16. All delicious foods that make me live.
  17. Cooking to reach hearts through their tongues.
  18. Reading which is my passionate hobby.
  19. Clouds for no particular reasons but I love.
  20. Mountains for their majesty.
  21. Andre Aggasi for his tennis and style.
  22. Sea for its magnanimity.
  23. Temples for its serenity and power of positivity.
  24. Cute kids for their innocence.
  25. South Africa for the first foreign country I visited.
  26. Tom & Jerry cartoons for their relationship.
  27. Bright colors for positive radiance.
  28. Music for soothing my heart.
  29. Teaching which is my all time love whether I was in a  job or not.
  30. Cool breeze to enjoy with my hubby.
  31. Bedtime stories and info that myself and my son share.
  32. Crafts and paintings made my Mithu.
  33. Rangoli and crafts made by my Amma.
  34. Blue color for the world being more Bluetiful.
  35. Lord Krishna for his Raasa Leela.
  36. Lord Shiva for his powers and cosmic energy.
  37. Lord Vinayaga for being my favorite friend.
  38. Enjoying coffee on Sunday Mornings.
  39. Gifts I receive and I give.
  40. Fighting with my hubby for many reasons and no reasons.
  41. Onion Uthappam for finishing my treat always.
  42. Aappam for its yumminess and softness.
  43. Dry Kulob Jamoon with Ice cream – yey …. I will not complete this list ….. I suppose …. 😛
  44. Butter Scotch Cornetto Ice Cream for the richness in taste.
  45. Sleeping for providing the energy for next day.
  46. Early morning with birds chirping and sunrise.
  47. Long drives with hubby and son.
  48. Second Honeymoon since we missed our first…. 🙁
  49. Sky watching which my amazing  pass time.
  50. All my blessings for this wonderful life.
  51. Social medias which made the world so small.
  52. Saree for its colors and romantic looks.
  53. Greeting cards that still I cherish.
  54. Melodious songs which calm my mind.
  55. Writer Sujatha for making me crazy with his brilliant writings.
  56. Quotes of any kind – motivational or inspirational.
  57. My Sweet Nothings – my adorable daughter.
  58. Staying cool in difficult situations…… But still I am a learner in this art.
  59. Lovely bookmarks with quotes.
  60. Tamil – My mother tongue and an ancient language.
  61. The smell of rain boosts me.
  62. Darkness for the world being born out of it.
  63. Teachers for making me as me.
  64. Life for being abundant.
  65. Love shared by all around me.
  66. Inventions that made life easier.
  67. Known and unknown facts about life.
  68. Mysteries about universe, galaxies and cosmos.
  69. Blogger friends for their inspiration and constructive feedback.
  70. Vibrant colorful rainbow.
  71. The fruits that I prefer to eat.
  72. Villians of films or TV serials…… Don’t know the reason ….. but now I stopped watching films and serials.
  73. First uniform, first greeting card, first gift, first friend, first enemy, first tour, first car, first house, first love, first kiss, first sex …..
  74. Random acts of kindness which makes the world going.
  75. Helping others in times of need.
  76. Crying to vent out myself.
  77. Being a woman of love, affection, and passion.
  78. Key chains of different patterns and styles.
  79. Hearts in shapes, colors, things …..
  80. Silence sometimes …… for the sake of others … 😛
  81. Praise from anybody and everybody …. 😛
  82. Hugs from my hubby after terrible fights….. <3
  83. Comic story in progress by my son …. as mother as son ….. 😛
  84. Writing poems – both in Tamil and English.
  85. Milk sweets and Macroons.
  86. To solve puzzles.
  87. To mentor my students and friends.
  88. Window shopping – watching the craziness of others.
  89. Budgeting to plan and analyse my expenses.
  90. Radiating positive vibes in and around me.
  91. Being grateful for all my blessings.
  92. Being a supportive mother to make my son meet his dreams.
  93. All my dreams that make me to work and succeed.
  94. November 14 – you know the reason obviously…. 😛
  95. Important dates of all my life events.
  96. Sweet memories that refresh and rejuvenate me.
  97. Facing challenges in life.
  98. Money for my needs and other’s need. 
  99. All the surprises, fun and laughter …. <3 <3 <3

My list is still growing. My questioning mind is disturbing me through out this post ….. why it should be 99 and not 100 or 101 or 108 or 1001 …… But the prompt is 99 only. So this is my list at present.

Do you make any lists? What is your 99 love list??? Feel free to join with us …… <3 <3 <3







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