Weekly Discussion : What Made You Smile Today?

I would like to post some topics on the title “Weekly Discussion” on every Sunday. You can discuss these topics with your family members, kids during food time, sleep time, leisure time. And post your experiences in the comment box …

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April 17, 2016

Did You Smile Today???? What Made You Smile Today??????? Feel free to share your with us ….. <3 <3 <3


  1. We went to the city’s Oceanfront Park, which has a large, fence-in dog park. We were walking the path for exercise and passed the dog park when a woman was standing in the center. Two small dogs were tearing around the lawn at full speed. Running and frolicking with so much exuberance that both of us smiled and then laughed at their happiness.

  2. My husband and I taking my mother in law (who is approaching 90) to a garden center. She had to rest several times but enjoyed the flowers and the wind chimes. She had us buy three packs of flowers and a planter, and some soil, to make her up a planter for her small patio at the senior apartment where she is now living.

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