To Give Myself Strength – #MondayMusings

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Sometimes I wonder about my writing. I keep on and on because something in my mind asks me to do this. When I write, I feel myself.

To Give Myself Strength

I write to live in words

I write to believe myself

I write to read

I write to inspire 

I write to empty myself

I write to acknowledge my thoughts

I write to satisfy myself

I write to breathe

I write to fill myself

I write to live

I write to taste life twice

I write since I have something to say

I write because it’s my inner call

I write to live eternal

I write to be a voice not an echo

I write to be myself

I write to give myself strength

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Linking this post to #MondayMusings hosted by Corinne , Finish the Sentence Friday hosted by Kristi from Finding Ninee and  Literacy Musing Mondays hosted by Mary Hill. This week’s topic is “Sometimes, I wonder about my writing. I keep on and on because…” Feel free to adapt the sentence to “I write because…” or “I wonder why I write…

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