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This guest post is featured for Monthly Blogging SpecialParenting Special. Today I feel  happy to share mommy tales of my loving friend, Rekha Dhyani of Dew Drops She’s God’s own child, hailing from the God’s Own Country, Kerala, India. Born in Ottapalam, Kerala, she grew up in Delhi – her home now. She’s a techie by education, a marketer by profession, seasoned publishing expert and above all a home-maker, wife, mother and CEO of brand her. Interested in Reading, Writing, Drawing, Photography, Gardening, Traveling and sometimes Cooking too. She has an interesting blog. She mostly write about  Parenting, Memoirs, Social Causes, Book/Movie/Product/Website Reviews and sometimes indulge in kaam chalaoo Poetry too. Her Wordless Wednesdays are my all time favorites. I adore her photography talent too.

After completing her MCA, she chose a career in Marketing (handling high-end reference books in Science, Technical and Computer Science) with a leading Publishing House. She has two daughters aged 10 and 7. She took a sabbatical in October 2014 as she felt that the kids were getting neglected with the full-time domestic help set up. Come join me in her journey, exploration and discovery of parenting life as she share some of its joyous, beautiful and humorous moments with her thoughts, experiences and leanings. A right choice for today’s “This Mom’s Life”.

Over to Rekha …….

  1. What three words describe you as a mother?Accepting, Uncompromising and Practical.
  1. What’s the parenting rule you never break?Never make promises that you may break. I don’t make false promises to the children. In fact, I don’t make promises most of the time. It is better to surprise them than breaking their heart by not keeping the promises. False hopes leave long-term scars. I learnt it enough to avoid it. Children are like clay moulds and they learn from what they observe. I try to teach them to never break promises because they can break hearts too.
  1. And one rule you do break?Don’t let them quit dance/abacus/art classes in the middle of the session. This is one rule I have broken time and again. And trust me, I don’t regret it much because there’s no point attending the classes regularly if they’re not enjoying what they do.
  1. How do you spend time off for yourself?The kids go to a day-boarding school which finishes at five in the evening. That has given me ample time. But from the new session, they’ll be in regular school time. But I guess they are old enough to give me my ‘me time’ whenever requested. I enjoy reading, writing, gardening, window-shopping, walking, photography, taking a to-and-fro metro journey, watching movies or dancing to some retro songs etc. What I love most is just lying down doing nothing at all. I guess that’s one thing all mothers dream about.
  1. What’s the best part of your day?Early Mornings. A cup of coffee, some early morning sky and bird photography and my Facebook scroll time. This energizes me to carry on the day.
  1. What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?Malgudi Days and Small Wonder. I have the entire series and nothing but watching these make me happy, happier, happiest. I don’t care if I get judged on this.
  1. What five things can always be found in your refrigerator?American Sweet Corn, Cheese Slices, Amul Butter, McCain Aloo Tikki and Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup.
  1. What words describe you as a wife and a mom? 

This one I chose to check with the man and the girls and here are their responses …… 

         As a Wife – Amiable, Gregarious, Practical, Straightforward, Emotionally sensitive (I guess he forgot to add Nagging and Critical)

        As a Mom – “Ursula, Mother Gothel and Hulk, when angry. And when she loves, it’s a flood”, said the firstborn.


  1. Do you have a family ritual that you love?

            We try to have our prayers and meals together. And the sleep time story session by the Dad. We have loved those times together. It helps us bond well. It helps us reveal secrets that are otherwise kept within for fear.

10. What are 3 best things you love to teach your child?

          Honesty – I can’t stand lies. That’s probably the only thing that puts me off. I lose my temper at lies. I have given them enough freedom to come and tell me even if they have committed anything wrong. Lying they are aware is what can put them into trouble.

          Sharing and lending a helping hand – This one I sometimes feel has been taught too well because the little one shares her tiffin with all those who forgot their tiffin and stays hungry herself. 

           Intrusion – They are not supposed to intrude into anyone’s privacy. This, I believe every parent should teach their children. I know adults who shamelessly pick other’s phones or private journals and scroll through it. I can’t stand anyone intruding into my private space and hence I am very particular about this one.

 Thanks again Rekha for your great lifetime sharing with us … 🙂

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