Do You Know Your Kid?

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How much do you know your kids. Take this simple test. Evaluate yourself.

  1. Who’s your kid’s best friend?
  2. Which film last seen / which book last read by your kid?
  3. What’s your kid’s biggest fear?
  4. Which teacher is mostly liked by him / her?
  5. Which subject does your kid hates?
  6. What’s your kid’s nick name?
  7. Who’s your kid’s role model?
  8. What’s your kid’s ambition in life?
  9. What’s your kid’s best talent?
  10. Who is your kid’s favorite in your family?
  11. Which act / words hurts your kid more?
  12. What’s your kid’s hobby?
  13. Which behavior of yours is disliked by your kid?


Have you answered? Now check your answers with your kid. For every correct answer allot one mark and total the marks.

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Evaluation Remark:

11 – 13 : Congrats, 8 – 10 : Good, 4 – 7 : Still you can do better, Below 4 : Hope nobody would get this …….


Do you like this test? Thanks for taking time ….. Give your lifetime lessons in Joyful Parenting….. I am all ears …. <3 <3 <3

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