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Feeling positive, abundant  and blessed in completing another great week for Mindful Monday – Healthy Living!. This week is special for me.

This year I am doing Mahashivarathri Fasting and Prayer for the sixth time from 2010. On March 5, 2016, I started my Mahashivratri Sadhana with the grace of my Spiritual Guru Sadhguru. Master says ” The Mahashivratri Sadhana is a preparation for Mahashivratri – a night of tremendous possibilities. This year it is celebrated today on March 7, 2016. You can also JOIN THE FREE LIVE WEBSTREAM OF MAHASHIVRATRI 2016. You can also enjoy reading THE SIGNIFICANCE OF MAHASHIVRATRI.

Untold Reasons Why I Love Lord Shiva :

  • Earlier I used to get attracted to villains than heroes. So naturally as Shiva is the destructive form of the Almighty, I started to admire him.
  • I am excited every time I happen to know about cosmos and cosmic energy. As Shiva is considered to be a Cosmic Dancer whose is in eternal ecstasy, I adore him a lot.
  • I believe everything about nothingness. And Shiva destroys and dissolves everything into nothingness. Shiva means nothingness.
  • From 2009, I am an ISHA Mediator. And Shiva is the only godhead who is forever in deep meditation, totally absorbed in contemplation.
  • I adore the symbol of Arthanatheeswarar. And Shiva is considered  inseparable from Shakti – as Arthanatheeswarar. There is no Shiva without Shakti and no Shakti without Shiva, the two are one – or the absolute state of being.
  • If you love Shiva, then you can not deny loving any other creäture. As Shiva is a creator, destroyer and preserver in total command of the cosmos. He reflects both good and evil. He is moody, free of inhibitions, easy to please, protector of the down trodden, and has the power to alter the laws of destiny. He’s an ultimate combo of all and none.
  • As I assume myself to be strict and uncompromising, I become a passionate devotee of Shiva. As ‘Rudra’ is the other name of Shiva. It also means strict or uncompromising.

Get inspired by reading more About Lord Shiva.

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Impact of Mahashivarathri on me:

  • I’m able to love everyone in-spite of all odds and differences.
  • I can remain in silence for hours.
  • I realize the power of mantras.
  • I feel positive, vibrant and abundant.
  • I love myself.
  • I’m healthy and happy.
  • I stopped the blame game.
  • I search GOD within me.
  • I turned in.
  • I’m blessed and blissful.
  • I am being directed by my GURU.
  •  and much more …….

Simple Mantra For This Week : 

Om Namah Shivaya
(Panchakshara Mantra)

Pronounced as Aum Num-ha Shi-whyOm Namah Shivaya is known as the great redeeming mantra also known as five-syllable mantra. It means “I bow to Shiva.” Shiva is the supreme reality, the inner self, consciousness that dwells in all. Shiva is the name of your true identity your self.

  • Sit in a comfortable and peaceful place and position. Start repeating the mantra in your mind or loudly. 
  • Om Namah Shivay (Aum Num-ha Shi-why)

General Rule to repeat any mantra  : one should repeat it with full awareness of its meaning.Repeat ‘Om Namah Shivay’, with the feeling that you are bowing to Shiva – your true inner self. Repeat this mantra with respect. The inner self is the form of God in you. So as you say ‘ Om Namah Shivay’ i.e. “I bow to Shiva’; you are actually bowing to God – The great almighty.

Essence of last week :

Grateful to my Yoga and Meditation pratices. Metta Meditation is getting me to newer dimensions. I forcibly continuing with my twister exercise. And I am happy that I lost 1 Kg this week.

Very much excited to continue Mindful Detachment – mind fully detaching myself from most lovable actions or things. It is  helping me to reduce my anxiety and love to actions or things and aids me to get attached with the almighty. This week I used my mobile mindfully and I got detached from it at least for 4 hours a day apart from sleeping.

Mithu’s Health Journey :

Mithu has also lost 1 kg this week. But his height is progressively increasing and happy about that. He’s continuing his cricket coaching with much excitement.

Useful Resources

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Please feel free to join our health journey….. And share your experience with us……. 

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