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Hers’s another great week for Mindful Monday – Healthy Living!Excited and energized on completing one month in this journey !!!

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Last week : I am referring often and making my  Health Pledge into action, I missed my 4 Ways To Live Healthy principle this week. I was able to do my yoga and meditation only for three days since I was busy with family functions and travel. Little bit sad on that part.  Still my weight has not reduced, but I hope it would happen soon. I started to explore Bates Method of mindful, meditative Eye Palming exercises. I hope it would be too good for me.  Mithu has joined Cricket Coaching Classes earlier this week. Glad that he too have joined our healthy journey. Had Pomegranate Raita two times this week. I have to give a try for Colleen’s Mindful Walking !!! I’m working on simple steps to make my Word Of The Year to inculcate in my life.

I used to get up at 4.30 am. As soon as getting up, I would thank God for gifting another beautiful day. Then I spread the love-kindness vibration around me, my family and the world by practicing Metta Meditation.

Bright Sun clicked at my terrace

Next I devote some time for my morning prayer by lighting Dhivas. Then I would move for my Yoga. I am very delighted to practice Shambhavi Mahamudra from ISHA for the past 7 years. Om Chanting and meditation were part of it. You can read the Survey Result for Shambhavi Mahamudra for further information. After yoga, I spend 15 minutes to do simple workouts. Then I enjoy with the birds and squirrels by giving food and water for them. Then I spend some time to connect with universe by simply watching the sky. All mornings are my favorites because of these little things.

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My Insights of Shambhavi Practice

  • Helps me for deeper level of physical relaxation.
  • Builds my self-confidence.
  • Influences my mood and behavior.
  • Helps to control my thoughts.
  • Helps with focus & concentration.
  • Increase my creativity.
  • Improved my relationships.
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Useful Resource for this week : 


Share your meditation practice and health hacks with us……. Please feel free to join our health journey…..


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