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Welcome to Mindful Monday – Healthy Living! A healthy lifestyle is one of the best ways to protect oneself. Each week I make one step towards my healthy living. Already finished Week 1 and Week 2. This is the third week.

Almost one month flew away fast in 2016. But its better late than never. I was breaking my head to frame My 2016 Health Pledge. And I am very much delighted to share it here:


Today I pledge 

To make good health a priority of my life.

To keep the determination and commitment towards healthy living.

To reduce my weight by 10 Kilograms.

To have mindful healthy living.

To maintain a Food Diary.

To make a Master Health Checkup every year.

To have one day Fruit Fasting once in a month.

To drink Carrot Juice twice in a week.

To prepare healthy recipes for five days in a week.

To practice Eye Exercises.

To take adequate rest.

To maintain a cheerful, hopeful outlook on any situation.

To spend quality time with family or friends daily.

To spend time daily for spiritual awakening.

To motivate others to take this pledge.

I pledge today to live in good health for myself and my loved ones.


Last week : It was very cool as planned. I started my days with Yoga and Meditation. I thanked my food with prayer. I had slight irritation in my eye. I went for treatment and having tear drops four times a day. I started some eye exercises. Hope it would be better before next week.

I got this image from the cool body weight simulator posted by Colleen. Cool !!! Isn’t it ??? !!!

Useful Resource for this week : 

Share your health hacks with us……. Please feel free to join our health journey…..


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