Weekly Discussion : How Healthy Are You?

I would like to post some topics on the title “Weekly Discussion” on every Sunday. You can discuss these topics with your family members, kids during food time, sleep time, leisure time. And don’t forget to post your experiences  in the comment box …

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January 10, 2016

Wish you all a healthy and happy 2016 !!!


  1. I don’t suppose I am healthy presently but I aim towards being one with the help of yoga. For Dhruv, I plan to make him join swimming classes for he is too frail. By writing my health goals here yet again, I am reiterating my goals.

    1. I too have health goals for 2016. I have to reduce my weight and should go green. Mithu has already in his track of getting fit by playing football for nearly one and half hours daily …..

  2. Thanks Vasantha. I am quite healthy though I am fat – I can touch my toes, do a shoulder stand, touch my head to my knees . I want to lose weight but that is hard. ….

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