Hate To Love But Hard To Make

In Response to DAILY PROMPT : Hate to Love

Self Praise. It’s the one guilty pleasure I hate to love but hard to make. I know ….I Know ….

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But according to me

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Friends, tell us about a guilty pleasure that you hate to love but hard to make…… 😛




  1. Sometimes, I love to be silent in the crowd or a social gathering or I want to run away to a cool place without any companion for some time. I know we need people, family, friends around us at every stage of our life.. It depends on my mood you know.. But, we have to give customary greetings and artificial smiles when we don’t want to socialise. I hate my ‘hate towards people’ or thoughts of being alone.
    Coming to self-praise, yes, not bad to enjoy self-compliments 🙂

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