Daily Tips : Laugh Together

  • Relax on the couch, watch comedy shows with your family. My family loves Tom & Jerry, Vadivelu Comedy. We’ve watched them dozens of times, and they’re funnier each time!
  • Read Funny comic books together. 
  • Dress up and make fun.
  • Patrice Laughter Yoga daily.
  • Write funny songs, make music and dance together.
  • Mimic personalities you like.



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2 thoughts on “Daily Tips : Laugh Together

  • August 23, 2015 at 5:36 PM

    Today I was telling son about Rapunzel, the book we were to read at bedtime. Before reading we sang a lot in the witch’s voice – Rapunzel Rapunzel let doen your hair so that I will climb without a stair. We laughed silly and lots. And then the song improvised – mummy O Mummy let down your hair so I will climb without a chair. Laughing silly with the kids is therapeutic 🙂


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