What’s Your Blogging Personality? Quiz

 Hoo .. Laa.. Laa…. La…..The result I got for What’s Your Blogging Personality? Quiz


Entertaining Blogger

People come to your blog to have fun. Every post is a masterpiece of laughs and delight, crafted to brighten the readers’ day.


  1. Wow, that is very fitting for you I’d say, Vasantha!
    This is my result: Informative Blogger
    People come to you if they need to learn. Your blog spews facts and figures that no one else can seem to get their hands on.

    1. So did you tell the computer “haan to is main naya kya bata diya”. 😀 It is hilarious and interesting to note that no other blogger until now has got charming as result.
      Vasantha, I am treating your blog as my 2nd home in the blogosphere.

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