Daily Tips : Notice Your Senses

Notice your senses. As they say, the happiness is self-happiness – that starts from you, you only.

Happy people receive pleasure from enjoying the simple joys in life, and usually they’re connected to our senses. This simple awareness can create significant happy moments.

The pleasures I receive everyday with my senses :

  • Warmth of brighter sun in the early morning
  • Taste of foods I love most 
  • Reading is yoga for me to give forever happiness
  • Smile of little and ripen hearts ( young and old ) – that show me what life is
  • Smell of cool breeze, sweet flowers, tasty foods and everything
  • Beauty of nature attracts me always
  • Love of my beloved ones and the list would never stop …. 😛

Continue to notice your senses and feel blessed always !!!

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