Wonders About Africa


  • World’s second largest continent.
  • World’s longest river Nile flows in this continent.
  • Other longest rivers in Africa are Congo, Niger, Zambezi.
  • World’s largest dessert Sahara is found here.
  • Other largest desserts of Africa are Kalahari and Namibia.
  • People speak 14, 300 different languages in Africa.
  • Africa has more Christian and Muslim people.
  • Africa’s largest peak is Mount Kilimanjaro. It is 5, 895 meters high.
  • Africa’s largest lake is Lake Victoria. It’s area is 68, 800 Suare Kilometers.
  • Nigeria  is the largest country in Africa based on population. The population of Nigeria is estimated at 178,516,904 as of July 1 2014.
  • Africa is famous for ‘Big Five’ which refers to five of Africa’s greatest wild animals – lion, leopard,elephant, buffalo and rhino.

Beautiful snaps of South Africa during our vacation:

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