Daily Tips : Make Time Capsule

Parents remember the significant events of their children’s lives, birthdays and their first day of school, their successes and achievements, every milestone in their life but it’s easy to forget the small details as the years go by. Create Time Capsule and you’ll be preserving your family memory forever. 

Create a family time capsule by filling a box with photos, favorite dresses,drawings, greetings received, school reports, little drawings, letters, toys or anything you would want to remember years from now. Make a vow together to open the time capsule together when your child turns 18. Creating a family capsule is a great way to strengthen the bonds within your family, capturing a moment in time. Enjoy it.

Already we started collecting items of my son right from his birth. But we have to store them into our Time Capsule and the reopening date has to be fixed. OK, catch you later, I am going to decorate our Time Capsule.

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