Daily Tips : Practice Silence

In an increasingly hectic and busy world silence is not only beneficial, but it’s essential for good mental health and happiness. Most of us have moments longing for silence — when we wish that TVs would stop, iPods would pause, and those loud cell-phone talkers could be muted.  Even if you’re surrounded by noise, take a few minutes to pause and reflect on the power of silence, to restore, to heal and to reveal the unexpected.

Take a little time at least once a day to be silent for 5 or 10 minutes. Let your breathing slow down and your blood pressure go down. Practice Silence DailyPractice … Practice … Practice …. Being silent, even just for 10 minutes, is not an easy task. Anyone who has tried meditation, will know that remaining in silence and keeping a still mind is extremely difficult.

To practice silence:

  1. Start small 
  2. Schedule it in
  3. Do it every day
  4. Get comfortable with silence
  5. Still the mind
  6. Focus on your breathing

You might be surprised to find that your days go better when you get “unplugged” for a little while.

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