7 Simple Steps to Improve Child’s Behaviour


There are no magic bullets or instant fixes when it comes to discipline of your children. But follow these 7 simple tips each day and better behavior will evolve.

  • Spend unstructured time together. Just 15 minutes a day with your child lays the groundwork for positive reinforcement in the future.
  • Praise good behavior immediately and often.Positive reinforcement is the best behavioral tool, especially when it comes from a parent.
  • Promptly award good behavior with tokens, such as stars on a chart or coins. Once a certain number of tokens are earned, the child earns a predetermined reward, a trip to the movies. Usually I reward my son with extra play time with his friends.
  • Don’t ask, tell. Make directives clear and succinct: “Please pick up your coat from the floor.” “Finish your project by two days time”.
  • Insist on eye contact when you speak to your child. That way, your child can’t ignore you and you can reinforce what you’re trying to communicate.
  • Explain consequences for misbehavior ahead of time. These consequences should involved taking away privileges.
  • Stick to the consequences, no matter what. A parent should be 100 percent consistent in addressing bad behavior. Otherwise, the behavior may persist or even get worse.

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