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Today we have Bilna Sandeep of Monsoon Breeze with us to share her experiences in ” This MOM’s Life ” . Her blog address: She is a happy mother of a little boy who’s now one and half years old. She’s a Civil Engineer by profession who’s currently on a career break to enjoy every moment of motherhood with her little naughty boy. She is also a freelance writer while she’s not busy running around her little toddler.

 Thanks Bilna for your quick and kind response. Here is her voice …

1.       What three words describe you as a mother?

Loving, Caring and a little “possessive”

2.       What’s the parenting rule you never break?

Well, I was a little strict about exclusively breastfeeding my little boy for his first six months inspite of pressure from my work and advice’s from many. I am glad I succeeded in that. When it comes to my little one’s health and safety I try to be extra careful.
Otherwise I am not strict on any parenting rules.

3.       And one rule you do break?

I let him have chocolates even when he’s had one or two already. After all he’s got that chocolate addiction from me 😉

4.       How do you spend time off for yourself?

While I am not busy with chores or running behind my little boy, I take my time to write, blog and do some social networking.

5.       What’s the best part of your day?

Early morning after my hubby leaves and my little boy’s still asleep. That’s when I have my ME time. Well of course evenings when daddy’s home me and my little boy enjoy the best with daddy 🙂

6.       What’s your favourite guilty pleasure?

Chocolates, chocolates and more!!

7.       What five things can always be found in your refrigerator?

Milk, Egg, Chocolates ( I know again 😉 ), Butter and yeah the leftover food from dinner last day :p

8.       What words describe you as a wife and a mom?

As a wife I am always Supportive in both his professional and personal matters. I love being his Best Friend…

As a mom, I am a little possessive and protective. But I would love to see him grow independent and explore the world for himself eventually…

9.       Do you have a family ritual that you love?

Its not like a ritual actually.. But most of the days, we both have a great time talking and playing with our little one at night in the bed till we all eventually fall asleep.

10.   What are 3 best things you love to teach your child?

Well, that’s a hard question. There are so many things actually. Well in today’s world it’s most important for boys’ mothers to teach them to grow up to be a gentle man who respects women.
Another thing I would like to teach him is to respect and value our Indian culture and Heritage.
I wish he grows up to be a Man of ethics who values relations more than money in this materialistic world.


I do welcome guest post in this title from my blogger mother friends. So willing friends can mail your answers to my mail id : After reviewing your answers, I will post your guest article in my Blog. Thanks in advance.

Happy Motherhood ; Happy Lifetime


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