My First Reading After a Block

I am a passionate reader. My days start and end with reading only. But I am having High Myopia. My only prayer to God is to help me to read till my death even with the current eye site. But God’s plan was different. During November 2009, I got total loss of vision in my left eye due to Retina Detachment. I was much worried.

Thanks to new medical improvements, Dr, Naresh Gupta of Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai, India done surgery for me. And  I got my vision back after 6 hectic months. For the first three months, I struggled a lot. Even during that time, my hubby will do reading for me. I won’t forger those Reading Block Days in my life. But it gave me so many life lessons.

And after that 6 months reading block, the first book I read was this one – a book close to my heart.

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