Gentle Parenting Tips for ADHD Child

For a child with ADHD the world is a constant stream of changing images and messages.It’s difficult to focus on any one thing at a time because something new is always coming along. It’s all rather bewildering and it’s hard to keep pace. Gentle parenting tips from my experience for your ADHD child:

  • Always love your child for no reasons.
  • Accept the fact
  • Get help from family members.
  • Give more free hugs.
  • Have a planned routine to avoid stress.
  • Give good morning and good night kisses. They respond well for physical touch.
  • Share bed time stories. this may help to introduce some discipline to your child.
  • Allow them to play with fidgets to improve their performances.
  • Appreciate their little and huge effors in different forms.
  • Keep them not bored.
  • Enjoy parenting.

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